Enterprise Solutions

We make any project manageable, making your business more successful.

ORCAS assesses the current state of project controls and provides a gap analysis, makes recommendations for improvements with a roadmap on how to get there, implements the right technology and processes, and strengthens project teams. ORCAS works with your team side-by-side until they improve.

Enterprise Solutions by ORCAS are based on real-world project experiences and lessons learned ... not ivory tower visions of how projects "should" work.

ORCAS will partner with you to:

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Sharpen Processes

ORCAS works with your team to refine your project processes to best support project delivery and project portfolio management across the organization.

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Implement Effective Systems

ORCAS configures project management software specifically suited to your needs, selecting the best technology for your specific demands. With an eye for the future, we look beyond your company's immediate needs to ensure the systems we design last for years to come.

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Hone the Human Factor

When ORCAS talks about systems, we mean more than software and hardware: we believe in training already talented people to be even more effective at established processes. We work hard to develop systems that work, and believe the skill sets we impart to your existing team members will help make your company more productive and effective on every level.