What is the value of Project Controls Solutions?

Project Controls Solutions deliver value to every project. The value of optimizing and controlling a complex high-risk construction project can be measured in many ways. It can be measured in terms of cost savings for the entire project or in opportunity revenue when finished early. The value of project controls can extend far beyond delivering physical assets or achieving financial success. Accurately forecasting and delivering a hospital or a biotech facility benefits the patient. “It's always a race against time with high stakes when delivering the right drug or health service to those in need.”

Here are just a few of the project controls services we provide

  • Project Planning
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Invoice Management
  • Change Management
  • Earned Value Management
  • Resource Optimization
  • Issues Management
  • Claims Analysis and Mitigation
  • Risk Management
  • Document Control
  • Lessons Learned
  • Forensics

ORCAS employs these innovative project controls solutions in three simple ways

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On-site Project Controls Specialist

When you just need that extra edge. ORCAS analyzes your existing project demands, and determines any potential gaps. Then, we add strategic resources, such as a scheduler, cost engineer or project manager, to complete and complement your existing team.

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On-site Project Controls Team

Designed for projects that require a complete Project Controls Solution to work in partnership with your company. We bring the right team of project controls professionals, implement the right tools, and set-up the right level of processes and procedures to support your team. Learn more about Effective Project Controls: Designing the Perfect Team.

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Remote Project Controls Support

For smaller low-risk projects, ORCAS' remote support option offers project deliverables on an "as-needed" basis.

Project Controls brings more value...

The value of project controls can be measured in terms of cost savings. The cost of a safety incident. The cost of a large change request. The cost of lost productivity. The cost of idle construction equipment. The cost of premium time for craft resources.The cost of expediting critical equipment. The cost of a construction claim by a contractor. The cost of downtime for a facility.

The larger value of project controls is in the opportunity revenue of finishing early. Finishing a project one day early equates to one more day of production and revenue. Finishing just one day early can pay for the entire project controls effort and some of the construction costs. Optimizing the schedule to finish even earlier can be monumental. ORCAS implemented an enterprise-based scheduling system for a $1 Billion manufacturing construction project. The entire team was empowered to optimize the master integrated schedule. One day of production at this facility generates $10 Million revenue. This team delivered their first ever equipment installation project at this facility 12 weeks early! The value of project controls for this project was $840 Million, which was the additional revenue generated due to early project delivery. ORCAS was publicly credited for delivering the key element to this success story.

The value of project controls isn't just in terms of cost savings or revenue opportunity. The value of project controls can extend far beyond the money. Our projects don't always produce widgets. Our projects directly impact the health and well-being of people. Finishing a hospital or a biotech facility early benefits the patient. It's always a race against time with high stakes when delivering the right drug or health service to those in need. We are reminded of the value to optimize a project as we walk the halls of our clients who proudly display larger-than-life photos of the patients we all help.